CNM Outreach Activities

The CNM is committed to reaching out to people both on and off of the UT-Austin campus to educate the community about nanotechnology. The CNM develops and hosts many educational outreach programs, some of which are highlighted below.

Explore UT

Each year, UT-Austin opens it campus for Explore UT, the biggest open house in Texas. At Explore UT, hundreds of families have a chance to interact with students and faculty of the CNM by participating in hands-on events and activities. The CNM sponsors several nano-themed events in and around the FNT building, and on average more than 500 families visit the CNM during Explore UT. FNT facility managers demonstrate the operation of high-powered electron microscopes by examining insects and other small objects at the nanoscale, and children are invited to suit up in a cleanroom “bunny suit” to experience what’s required to enter the CNM cleanroom. Plenty of fun (and messy) hands-on experiments are also sponsored by the CNM, including a “make your own polymer snow” station.

FNT Building and Facility Tours

FNT facility managers offer facility and building tours year-round for visitors, including middle, high school and college/graduate students, industry professionals and visiting faculty. FNT building tours may be booked online at