Equipment: Zygo Interferometer


  • Rapid, noninvasive, large-area, topographical measurements of flat substrates
  • 120 micron lateral resolution at the lowest magnification, 20 micron resolution at the highest magnification


The Zygo interferometer is a laser based tool to measure large area topography of flat samples.  The system allows for rapid scanning of up to 6" diameter samples at the lowest resolution.  The He:Ne laser allows for the measurement of height changes of up to 632 nm over small distance.


CNM Cleanroom

FNT 4.106


$30.00 per hour for UT users

$54.00 per hour for External University users

$65.00 per hour for Corporate users

Facility User Education

To become a user of this instrument please sign up for the next available NT201 facility user education class. Please contact Dr. Raluca Gearba for specific instrument training. External/Corporate users must contact CNM to setup an account before attending facility user education classes.

NT201 Cleanroom Safety Fee: $27.00


Dr. Raluca Gearba

(512) 471-2589