Equipment: J.A. Wollam M2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer


  • Spectral range 193 to 1000 nm
  • Thickness measurements from 1 nm to 10 μm, depending on sample
  • Large area scanning mode
  • Time dependent measurement mode


Very fast data acquisition with large spectral range. The M-2000D model can measure from 193nm to 1000nm. Measures enough wavelengths to obtain thickness from thick photoresists (up to 10 microns thick). The ideal instrument for fast thickness uniformity mapping and in-situ applications, such as real-time dissolution rate monitoring. This ellipsometer is capable of scanning areas ranging from 1cm2 to 6 in2 and patterns from single point scans to a 32+ point profile.


CNM Cleanroom

FNT 4.106


$30.00 per hour for UT Austin users

$54.00 per hour for external university users

$65.00 per hour for corporate users

Facility User Education

To become a user of this instrument please sign up for the next available NT201 and NT231 facility user education classes.  External/Corporate users must contact CNM to setup an account before attending facility user education classes.

NT201 Cleanroom Safety Fee: $27.00

NT231 Ellipsometer Fee: $32.00


Dr. Raluca Gearba

(512) 471-2589