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CNM (now TMI) Facilities

The Center for Nano- and Molecular Science features a variety of facilities that support state-of-the-art teaching activities and high-level scientific research.
CNM Facilities
Microscopy/Surface analysis
     Dektak 6M Stylus Profilometer FNT 4.106
     Hirox 3d Video Microscope FNT 4.106
     Agilent 5500 Atomic Force Microscope FNT 3.110
     Contact Angle Goniometer FNT 4.106
     Zygo Interferometer FNT 4.106
     Zeiss Axioscope 2 MAT Optical Microscope FNT 4.106
     RHK ATM 300 Scanning Tunneling Microscope FNT 3.110
     Asylum Research MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscope FNT 3.110
Electronic and Optoelectronic Testing
     Suss PM 5 probe station FNT 4.106
     Keithly 4200SCS Semiconductor Characterization System FNT 4.106
     Agilent 4156C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer – #1 FNT 4.106
     Solar Cell Testing Glovebox FNT 4.106
     Agilent 4156C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer – #2 FNT 4.106
     J.A. Wollam M2000 Spectroscopic Ellipsometer FNT 4.106
     Cary 5000UV-VIS NIR FNT 2.116
     Fluorolog3 Fluorimeter FNT 2.116
Nano/Micro Fabrication
     FEI Strata DB235 SEM/FIB with Zyvex S100 FNT 3.110
     Oxford Instruments Plasma Lab 80+ PECVD and Etching FNT 4.106
     Suss MA6 Mask Aligner FNT 4.106
     Disco 321 Wafer Dicing Saw FNT 4.106
     March Plasma CS170IF RIE etching system FNT 4.106
     Quorum Technologies Critical Point Drier FNT 3.112
     Nano/Microfiber Electrospinning System FNT 3.112
     West Bond Wire Bonder FNT 4.106
     Ovens FNT 4.106
Thin Film Fabrication
     Laurell Technologies Spincoater FNT 4.106
     Cooke Ebeam/Sputter Deposition System FNT 4.106
     Denton Thermal Deposition – #1 (Digital Interface) FNT 4.106
     Specialty Coating Systems Spincoater FNT 4.106
     Denton Thermal Deposition – #2 (Analog Interface) FNT 2.116
     FUJIFILM DMP-2800 Dimatix Materials Printer FNT 4.106
     KSV Langmuir-Blodgett Assembly and Deposition Trough FNT 4.106
     AMOD PVD System FNT 4.106
     SCS Spincoater/MBraun glovebox system FNT 4.106
Instrumentation in Storage
     Electron Beam Lithography Tool- NEEDS EXTENSIVE REPAIRS FNT 4.106
     MPT RTP-600S Rapid Thermal Annealer FNT Basement

Core Central Facilities

TMI and affiliated research centers support central facilities that are of special importance to many researchers studying materials...

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